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Company goals: a hundred years, a hundred years brand.

Bicester has a recent plan, ten-year plan, a hundred years ideal. Keep up with the pace of the times, do first-class enterprises, to do the best products. Ambitious, continuous innovation. Establish a "sales generation, research and development generation, generation of ideas," the idea. Gradually make the company strength, size, management, technology and other aspects to maintain the leading level. "Do a hundred years of business, a century brand" is not utopian, step by step down to earth is the goal of hard work.

Mission: to create quality, provide satisfactory service, and partners work together.

We must do the best products, do high quality products, do the same industry leading technology products. Also help customers install, train for clients, teach them how to use and maintain. The quality of products to customer satisfaction as the standard. We have many partners and agents in the country, we and their business, common development, risk sharing, sharing of benefits. Dr. German companies will be bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger.

Entrepreneurship: integrity, dedication, dedication, innovation.

We are honest, open-minded, modest and rational. We advocate honesty, prefer the world to take me, I do not take the world. Love their jobs, to do their own work to do fine, the pursuit of perfection. The company encourages employees to be selfless dedication, unity and cooperation, brave heavy burden. Company interests are always higher than personal interests. Employees who contribute to the company, the company will give spiritual or material praise. Innovation is the foundation of our existence and development, that is, keeping pace with the times and keeping pace with the ever-increasing demands of our customers. Without innovation, companies can not move forward, but can not do a hundred years of business.

The company's core values: innovation and change, create miracles

Never satisfied, constantly put forward new demands on themselves, constantly pursuing high goals is the driving force for innovation and change. Adapt to new environmental changes, the pursuit of high goals, dedication and hard work, making seemingly impossible things possible, high goals become a reality. In the course of innovating and reforming and challenging high goals, we must study day by day and think day by day so that our work ability, organization and management ability, and study ability are continuously improved and improved, and our core competitiveness is continuously strengthened.

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