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IF frequency welder pressure refers to what

Updatetime:2018-01-26 17:55:50

MF spot welding pressure, both the upper electrode and the lower electrode contact pressure value presented by the valve, there will be a general workpiece between the electrodes, today mainly introduces the pressure changes when the workpiece conditions.

Now spot welding on the market generally adopt a single pressure, and set a fixed pressure, depending on the importance of bow and arrow, and the need to do welding flaw detection, advanced solder joints need to have a certain pressure curve, such as welding aluminum and aluminum Saddle-shaped pressure curve when the alloy sheet, but this need rarely on the market, of course, because the cost is too high, the general spot welding welding, the pressure between the two workpieces and the electrode has a great relationship, when the upper and lower electrode Squeeze together, the current flows through the workpiece, the metal sheet melting to form solder joints, most people think that the pressure required by the sheet is small, the amount of pressure on the plate is large, in fact, the actual application, the pressure of the metal sheet welding often than usual A little bigger, so when the plate is melted, it can timely and effectively overcome the deformation of the wood, the back of the welding is good, and the so-called non-spot welding; when the welding plate, the pressure does not need too much, should be a little smaller than usual A little because the back of the deformation is not dependent on the pressure, small pressure spatter, forming a good nugget.

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