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Galvanized sheet spot welding machine installation process description

Updatetime:2018-01-26 18:06:12

The installation of galvanized sheet spot welding machine needs to be carried out in strict accordance with the instructions for use, it is best to invite professionals to install, random operation, there will be improper convergence, Zhang Dai Li Dai phenomenon, the machine will bring irreparable harm. Now, in order to solve the problems in the installation process, for everyone to introduce in detail the specific process of installing galvanized spot welding machine, I hope can help you:

First, before installation

Need to install the equipment before the simple check, if damaged, broken, aging phenomenon, need to promptly returned to the original manufacturer. Need to know, spot welding machine parts are fully integrated, any part of an error, will lead the whole body, causing the machine does not work. To ensure the new parts shipped, this is the most basic requirements.

Second, the installation

After checking the integrity of the parts, you can make the appropriate installation work. When installed, the best manufacturers can ask experienced people to assemble, those who have not learned the professional knowledge, there is no experience, in any case can not be carried out by private assembly. In addition, even experienced people need to follow the instructions given with the purchase of the device to avoid mis-installation and loose connections in some places.

Third, after installation

After the installation of galvanized sheet spot welding machine can not be busy into the work to go to a simple pilot work in advance. You can put the assembled machine, the first simple operation, after confirmation, put in the factory, work. Galvanized plate spot welding machine test operation is also to avoid the waste of factory resources, and the necessary work.

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