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Automatic spot welding main components and features

Updatetime:2018-01-26 18:06:59

Automatic spot welding main components and features. Shenzhen Bicester Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Baoan Guanlan, the company was founded in 2005, specializing in the production and sale of spot welding, spot welding, marking machines, metal ultrasonic welding machines, tape machines, assembly line, conveyor, testing Instrument, non-standard automation equipment and other products.

Automatic spot welding main components and features are as follows:

1, welding power: its output power and welding characteristics should be used to match the welding process and equipped with the main controller connected to the interface.

2, wire feeder and its control and speed control system. For wire feeding speed control precision wire feeder, the control circuit should be added speed feedback.

3, welding head with its moving mechanism. The welding head, welding head support frame, hanging mop and other components, to the precision welding head mechanism, the drive system should be used with a servo motor encoder.

4, weldment movement or displacement mechanism. Such as welding roller frame, head and tail rack inversion machine, rotary platform and the positioner, precision-type mobile displacement mechanism should be equipped with servo motor drive.

5, the main controller. Also known as system controller, mainly for the linkage control of the various components, control of the welding process, the main welding parameters set, adjusted and displayed. If necessary, extend the troubleshooting and man-machine dialogue and other control functions.

6, computer software. Commonly used in welding equipment computer software: programming software, functional software, process technology software and expert systems

7, welding head or tracking mechanism. Arc voltage automatic controller, welding gun yawn and monitoring system.

8, auxiliary device. Such as wire feeding system, circulating water cooling system, flux recovery conveyor, wire support, cable hoses and towing

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