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Galvanized sheet spot welding performance and improvement of welding cycle

Updatetime:2018-01-26 18:04:07

Galvanized plate spot welder response speed of 1ms, the current can be faster to reach the set value, to more and more accurate analysis of parameters; three-phase balanced input, galvanized sheet spot welding parameters stable; constant current effect is very stable ; Frequency up to 1000Hz, the secondary current output ability, and the waveform is flat, nucleus size stability of the expansion; almost no spatter.

Galvanized sheet welding machine welding cycle consists of four basic stages:

1, pre-pressure stage

Electrode down to the current phase, to ensure that the electrode pressure on the workpiece, so that there is appropriate pressure between the workpiece.

2, welding time

Welding current through the workpiece, heat to form a nugget.

3, to maintain time

Cut off the welding current, electrode pressure continued to nugget solidified to a sufficient strength.

4, rest time

The electrode begins to lift until the electrode begins to descend again, beginning the next welding cycle. In order to improve the performance of a welded joint, it is sometimes necessary to add one or more of the following to the basic cycle, with the following issues in mind:

1, increase the pre-pressure to eliminate the gap between thick parts, so close fit.

2, with the preheating pulse to improve the plasticity of the metal, the workpiece easy to fit closely to prevent splashing; projection welding so that multiple bumps in the welding before welding and flat uniform contact to ensure that the point of heating the same.

3, increase forging pressure to compaction nugget, to prevent cracks or shrinkage.

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